Les Généreux
Fine wines, for nice prices

Quality wine trade

Les Généreux is a partnership of Dutch quality wine traders. Our professional, effi cient operations enable us to deliver high-quality wines at low prices. Our top-of-the-range wines cost the same as average wines elsewhere.

Cutting out the middleman cuts the costs

We purchase wines collectively and import them directly from the vintner, cutting out the middleman and therefore cutting costs. On top of that, we import and distribute our wines at cost price, saving you even more money.

Not too big, not too small

Les Généreux has made a conscious decision to limit the number of its partners. We do not want become too big, as small, traditional winemakers usually produce the fi nest wines. Neither do we want to remain too small, as that would prevent us from importing larger volumes from new wine countries, for instance.

Professional wine selection

Each wine is sampled at least three times by our team of wine professionals before we decide whether or not to purchase it. This expert, stringent selection enables us to purchase a distinguished range of wines.

Sincerely passionate about wine

The Les Généreux partners are independent wine traders, each with their own character, but all sharing a sincere passion for wine. We keep each other on our toes and maintain our professional knowledge by getting together to share ideas on a regular basis.

Les Genereux proces
Les Généreux team
Ton Schaapveld
Ton Schaapveld

wijninkoper / directeur

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Job de Swart MW
Job de Swart MW

wijninkoper / marketing

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Sander Olde Reuver
Sander Olde Reuver

logistiek manager

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Angela Gudden
Angela Gudden

marketing / vinoloog

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Lyuba Tryapichkina
Lyuba Tryapichkina

e-commerce manager

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